If you want to keep track of your achievements during a mission or a campaign, you may use the Defender Point System [DPS]. Each mission is related to a table with point values for each achievement. Simply populate each field and the total shows how well your team performed.

The Agency's Radar detected an unidentified object crashed down into the Amazon Forest and so, the Agents are summoned back from their holidays. The briefing room's door closes as the mission data is uploaded on the gigantic screen. "Agents, the situation is extremely critical. It seems the flying object exploded in flight and split in two as it crashed on the ground. We detect alien life forms different from those hitherto known. Please use extreme caut..." CRASH! The doors suddenly burst open and the four Agents find themselves gazing at the huge Agent Titanium, wearing an old-fashioned leather jacket and a big gold chain around his neck. As he enters the room, Titanium growls, "Those aliens, they'll pay for this! Taken away from my motorcycle, from the highway and its burning sun. Hahahah!" Then the briefing resumes with the laughing team reunited.
"AGENTS, your mission is to patrol the battlefield, evaluate the enemy forces and wait for your next contact! Go go go!"

A strange coded message on the agency servers breaks the monotony of a tranquil day: it appears to relate the coordinates of a small military outpost in the middle of the jungle. The agents are called to the briefing: "We do not know the nature or the origin of this message, but we do recognize geographical coordinates. Plus, we are sure this is not a Xeno communication."
"AGENTS, your mission is to reach these coordinates, and check the sector. We must discover what is happening there."

The briefing room is lively, with the GD team surrounded by a whirling swarm of workers buzzing around with jobs. Finally, the team leader manages to give some information.
"The two infiltrators obtained precious information!!! In a few hours, an alien commander will come to visit sectors R1 and R2." As Titanium stretches his muscles, the commander gives detailed orders for the next mission.
"AGENTS, your mission is to reach the rendezvous point, marked Waypoint 1 on your data-pads and contact Agent S. He will brief you further on the mission."

Just a few hours after the last mission, as the agents rest in their bunks and face the demons of the night, the memories of their failure in recovering the alien-controlled agents burn like hellfire in their minds. And yet, the night passes and, as it always was and always will be, it brings a new dawn and the promise of a new hope. The team is gathered in the briefing room when an urgent mission beckons.
"Good morning, Agents. Good news! We have one more chance to intercept the controlled agents! It seems, just before falling prey to the mind controlling abilities of the alien leader, our agents managed to activate a tracking device – perhaps they knew they were just a step away from disaster. They also activated a timer, to avoid alien scanning. Right now, the signal is weak, but we can track it in an urban area."
"AGENTS, Your mission is to reach the sector C1 and check the signal. Bring our patriots back home!"

The Agents are back at their HQ after their efforts to recover alien tech. The Agents are summoned to a meeting to establish new strategies against the Xeno onslaught, but as one of the commanders starts speaking, alarms ring throughout the base.

"All hands to battle stations. This is not a drill, repeat – this is not a drill. Alien vessel landed on our perimeter. All operatives, engage! All non-combat personnel, retreat to shelters."
"AGENTS, your mission is to defend the base and repel this attack!"

As the doors open, the Agents face their worst nightmare: Steel-plated boots, a drab green uniform, stone cold eyes... Sergeant Steelman, best known as the Rookie-killer, famous in the Agency for his brutal, yet extremely efficient, training system.
"Ah, so you want be field Agents. I see. Now that's good news. No one told me we'd already won the war and were letting every gutless nerd wear our uniform and play with our gadgets. Attention! Stand at the ready, you spineless parasites! You are about to enter the most realistic war simulation ever programmed! Do you really believe you have what it takes to even face the intro? Are you sure? You look more like teddy bears than fighters to me. And I am never wrong, am I?"
Steelman gestures toward the G-Danger gates." Come on, schoolboys. I'm going to make soldiers out of you, like it or not. You are walking in there, where you will face three waves of your worst nightmares – and, no, I'm not one of them, so you can calm down, for now. Failure is not an option. Go in, destroy, get out. Piece of cake, you worthless lot! And if you somehow manage to survive this, you'll gain access to the advanced levels. As of today, only agents N and S have ever managed to successfully complete all G-Danger Room programs. And now that you know it... GO! GO! GO!"

As the agents enter the G-Danger Room, they are convinced that after Steelman, even an alien beast would be a better situation.

As the first training program comes to an end, the Agents take their time to catch their breath, as Sgt. Steelman keeps his watchful eye on them.
"So far so good. As it turns out, I may - mark my word, MAY - have been less than completely correct. Perhaps there could be, mind you, COULD be, something in you the Agency may use. BUT NOW, ENOUGH RESTING! Do you really believe that the alien scum will come and kiss you goodnight to let you sleep? Or perhaps, they will serve you a nice cup of tea, two sugars, no milk, thanks? GET YOUR WEAPONS, you scumbags! You might even be lucky enough to commandeer some new toy from the R&D guys. But by my muddy boots, I will make sure you'll sweat the damned training out, if you don't behave as a team! You will curse the day you decided to accept our bloody contract with the Agency! Only two Agents have ever passed this second training program and I don't see any of them in your squad, you muck dwelling rookies! Do you have what it takes to become legends, like them? Oh, I see in your sleepy eyes that you really believe you can do it... OK, then. SHOWTIME!"
The bulkheads around the team open up, showing several advanced weapons, one of which is clearly alien in origin. The Agents equip themselves and brace for the worst, as the sweet voice of Steelman rings in their headphones "WEEEE are going to start now. YOU are going to get a grasp of the true abilities of these alien invaders... and, who knows... perhaps we'll see what stuff you are made of. START! Execute the Xirtam Reloaded program!" His laughter roars in the commlink, as the holographic simulation comes alive.